RAPC Computer Centre

Worthy Down site was handed over to the Royal Army Pay Corps in 1960 and became home to the Electronic Accounting Development Unit (EADU) who housed their computer centre with its IBM 705 system in the purpose built three-storey Slater House. Slater House was given a planned life of 10 years but lasted 25 years, when it was replaced  by the new extensive computer centre - Bray house.



  RAPC Electronic Accounting Development Unit (EADU)

  Problems of the Introduction of Large Scale Data Processing into the Royal Army Pay Corps by Col L D Slater January 1960

  Accounting for the Soldier's Pay - RAPC Systems and Problems Implementing it by Lt Col D W Moore RAPC MBE 1962

  Accounting for the Soldier's Pay - Organization of Programming Major W. S. Caskey  RAPC MBE 1963


  Authorization and control of input in the RAPC  Computer Centre Application Major A. Taylor-Smith RAPC  Jan 1964


   RAPC CC 1966 


   RAPC CC 1970


   Bray House 1988