Welfare - How We Can Help You

A Message from the Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee is charged with considering applications for financial assistance from Association members and their families. Cases are based on their own merit and emanate from a variety of causes such as, debilitating medical condition, incapacitation through injury, financial hardship, etc; the list is endless.

The Committee meets at irregular intervals as the number of applications dictate; occasionally, we consider cases out of committee if the circumstances call for it e.g. if there is an urgent need for assistance where delay would cause the applicant unnecessary distress, worry or even harm.

In general, applications come into the Association following a visit to the applicant by either SSAFA or the Royal British Legion, both of whom provide the Committee with a comprehensive report along with supporting documentation such as, medical reports, occupational therapist reports etc, where available and relevant.

Over the last few years, the Association has helped applicants obtain mobility scooters, white goods, furniture, computers to help with a child’s education, home repairs/adaptation, travel costs to help family members visit hospitalised loved ones etc, to name but a few. We have also provided some with food vouchers in addition to their main requirement where there is a clear need and we can help with the cost of a family holiday.

The provision of benevolence is one of the main tenets of the Association and one that the Trustees take seriously so please remember, the Association is here for you. The only qualification for you and your family is that you must have worn the RAPC cap badge whilst serving.

Finally, do not hold back from applying in the mistaken belief there is someone more deserving. No individual of genuine need is ever turned away.

King Edward VII's Hospital Veterans Pain Management Program


The Centre for Veterans' Health at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London runs courses to help veterans with on­-going pain to improve the quality of their lives. Further information about the Veterans' Pain Management Programme (PMP) can be found here.


Are you an armed forces veteran aged 60 or older?

The Change Step Aged Veterans project is producing a “self-help” manual for older veterans and their families living in Wales. We would greatly value your opinion on what you think are the most important issues for older veterans and how to encourage them to come forward to get information and support.

This is a great opportunity for you to help other older veterans.

Details click here:



What is Change Step?

Change Step offers effective support for veterans in Wales — including dedicated services for those in crisis, older veterans, and people with mental health and substance misuse needs.

Our team of veteran peer mentors use their own experiences to help veterans confront challenges in their lives, and to navigate and engage with support services throughout Wales.

Learn more here.


Cardiff City FC Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of a new Veterans' project in collaboration with the Royal British Legion.

The programme has been designed to use the power of Cardiff City FC to engage with older, socially isolated veterans in and around Cardiff who would not normally make themselves known to veteran support services.

We will deliver this project so that it reaches out and engages with older veterans, bringing them together to reduce isolation and loneliness, re-build old connections and develop new relationships at the same time, helping veterans to become more physically and mentally active.

As we know many retired and ex-service personnel have families spread far and wide and so although we may not cover your area, you may have a family member or friend associated with your organisation that could refer someone to our project or you may have a member relocate to our area that finds themselves isolated or at risk of becoming lonely.

If you know someone who may benefit from this initiative then please complete and return this referral form.

For further information click here!







You can also find a comprehensive list of welfare contacts here:

  Veterans Agency "Useful Links for the Service Community"