Registered Charity No. 270477 (Click on the number to view statutory info)
Correspondence Address: PO Box 2044, ANDOVER, SP10 9LZ
Tel (Welfare & Urgent Enquiries Only) 07989 97 77 43
Internet URL: www.rapc-association.org.uk

The RAPC Regimental Association was formed on January 31st 1948
from the amalgamation of the Old Comrades Association,
the Benevolent Association and the Central Fund.

The purposes of the Association in brief are:

1. To encourage esprit de Corps amongst members; and
2. To provide welfare assistance to those in need or their dependants

We intend this site to be a source of information with regard to the Association and the History of the RAPC, for both Veterans and the General Public.

It is the intention of the Council to keep members informed of the work done by the Trustees and volunteers who serve on the different committees. If you attend a Branch Function or a centrally organised event, you can usually find a Trustee to speak to if you would like to raise anything regarding the management of the Association. Needless to say, if you believe you might be a suitable candidate for a Trustee please do send me an email regsec.rapc @googlemail.com

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