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This site has two sections:

1  The Public Site which is available to all users.

2  Members Only Site which requires RAPC Association Membership to login  with a user ID and Password.

There are two sets of menus on each page. One at the top and another at the bottom.

Top Menu



The top line of this menu contains the links to all other pages on the site. In some instances there will be a "drop-down" menu giving further options, as shown under "History".

The line below the top menu shows your path to the present page (known as "breadcrumbs"!) Clicking any of the "breadcrumbs" will take you to that page.

Clicking the Association logo, at the top of all pages, will take you back to the Home Page!

Bottom Menu


The links on the bottom menu have no sub-menus but will take you to the main page of the named section. There is also a link to the "Site Map" which contains a full list of pages on this site.

Links in page content

Within any page you may find links as below. These are all internal links and to speed navigation will take you to the appropriate page.


External Links

You may also find links to external sites, which will appear in a high-lighted colour in the text. These links will open a new page in your browser.


And finally the Back Button will take you back to the last page you visited!