Embedding of RAPC NCOs in Units

In March 1950 all Commands of the Army were informed that approval in principle had been given to the attachment of a RAPC clerk for pay and accounts duties within the establishment of units. NCOs from Arms of Service other than the RAPC were invited to volunteer for a "Transfer in Course". 

John Tenniswood is one such soldier and his story describes with some humour his experiences in training at Devizes and on posting!

"I enlisted at Manchester in November 1952 as a regular soldier a month before my 18th birthday and thus was able to pre-empt call up for National Service and able to choose my arm of service. I had been an NCO in the Army Cadet Force (Sherwood Foresters) for a couple of years and gained what would turn out to be a useful experience. For example I already had a Marksman's badge for 303 rifle shooting and was familiar with the Sten Sub machine gun and foot drill etc..........
.........the Pay Sgt (con man) asked me if I would like to go on a course with the Pay Corps, six months and guaranteed promotion to Sgt at the end of it. Perhaps he wanted to get rid of me. 

Definitely an offer not to be refused he said. I agreed (without I point out, reading the small print - there wasn’t any). It was arranged very casually without further involvement by myself. I had supposed that on completion of the course (IF - and I don’t think I imagined that I would pass) I would return to an RAC unit as Pay Sgt. in some glamourous posting. (Hong Kong?). 

There is no logical reason why I should have thought that and it was not true. I don’t suppose I gave much thought to anything much at that age except where and when would I find a girl friend. It just seemed a good idea at the time to get away from Catterick.". 

Sgt John Tenniswood RAPC (on left) with Canadian Nurses in Bermuda!

Read his story here: The Military Memories of John Tenniswood


Another early example of embedding NCOs by regimental transfer is SSgt John N Crowley as described by his daughter Susan Wall. John transferred from The Buffs to the RAPC in November 1949.  

His story is here.