SSgt John N Crowley RAPC

An early example of embedding SNCOs on transfer to the RAPC is Staff Sergeant John N Crowley.


His certificate of service shows that he was discharged from the Buffs* in Lagos in November 1949 and immediately re-enlisted into the RAPC, finally being discharged for good in November 1956. 


Note the date of birth being 1905. He was actually born in 1907 but joined The Buffs* in 1923 saying he was 18. This "mistake" stayed with him throughout his 33 years of service. 

Three interesting photos from his daughter. 

 In the first, he is in the middle of the centre row:


and in the third photo, he is fourth from the right in the second row from top:


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2184-john_cowley_group.jpg Transfer In Course?


Signatures & some dispersal units with dates

2185-group_2.jpgPossibly John's first unit

All images have been provided by John Crowley's daughter, Susan Wall, and are used with her permission.

*The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment), formerly the 3rd Regiment of Foot, was a line infantry regiment of the British Army traditionally raised in the English county of Kent and garrisoned at Canterbury.