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October 2017

"Pay and record keeping during a Category 5 hurricane; trading sheep for Thalers and the importance of a hacksaw on St Kilda........ it can only mean the next edition of Primrose & Blue! Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to receiving your submissions ". P & B is available online in the Library here, to registered members,

July 2017

25 Years Since Amalgamation – Still Keeping the Flag Flying

The first half of 2017 has come and gone and over 600 have attended RAPC-centred events across local branches, centrally organised events and the Golf. The 2 nd half of the year is starting with a bang too with 25th anniversary sporting events and Apprentice College reunions planned with over 200 expected to attend. If you would like to be informed about events in your area. Make sure that we have your details on file.

As the web team are working away to complete the secure members’ area and the next Primrose & Blue magazine is approaching completion, it is time to provide an update now that Remembrance is on the horizon.

Cenotaph Marchpast – Whitehall, Sunday 12th of November

The Association has been given an allocation of tickets for this year’s parade. If you would like to attend this centrepiece event and you are a member of the Association, please use the contact form to send the Administrator an email including your full name, date of birth, place of birth and full address. If you are not a member and you served in the RAPC, then click here for the Application for Membership and we’ll sign you up

RAPC Badged Wreaths

If you take part in a local ceremony or parade on Remembrance Sunday and you are a member of the Association just let the Association know in good time and a wreath can be dispatched.

Requesting Service Records

This site aims to be of service not only to RAPC Association members, but also the wider RAPC family. We know that at least 40,000 men were called up for National Service with the RAPC while many thousands more served, fought and often died everywhere the British Army has had a unit from 1878 until 1992.

If you served in the Army, you can apply for your own record by completing this Subject Access Request form. This process is free.

If you are interested in your family history with the Royal Army Pay Corps, you can apply for a deceased family member’s service record by filling out the Next of Kin declaration and Search document. This costs £30 and takes a while as all paper records are stored at an underground location.

Here is a guide to Army records. While you are waiting for service records, you might consider getting in touch with the curator of the Adjutant General’s Corps Museum – our successor Corps – who may be able to help you add some detail to the picture of your family members’ service life. The museum is one of the Winchester Military Museums and the curator can be contacted on 01962 877 826.

Winter 2016

(Talking about "Primrose & Blue" Magazine) I shall be very brief indeed in this edition as it is weightier than normal – both in nature of content and volume of pages. I hope that the relative lack of National Service memories this time around does not dishearten too many readers. There are already two interesting articles lined up for the next volume.

In future, though,extremely detailed and long articles will find themselves published on the new website which is currently under development. The new website will be found at watch this space.

2017 is set to be as busy a year as ever and the arrangements are already in place for the principle events, save for one – the Garden Party may go ahead on the 11 th of June, however this date is not yet set in stone……those of you who have been to Worthy Down recently or attended the 2016 Garden Party will understand why. Final notification will be circulated in due course.

Work at Worthy Down leads me to this interesting item that you may recall brought a Japanese film crew to Worthy Down a few years ago. The Hans Coper Mural that formerly hung on the Armstrong Hall at the gateway to the former Apprentices’ College is being restored and is set to provide an important focal point in the new Regimental Headquarters Building –currently under construction – at Worthy Down.

Those of you who may have attended dinner nights in the Officers’ Mess may recall other items which bore the RAPC crest. The Officers’ Dinner Club has asked me to publish the following which will no doubt be of interest.

RAPC Crockery and Cutlery

Crockery and cutlery with the RAPC crest that is due to be included in an auction on 17 January. It belonged to the RAPC Officers Dinner Club and members of the ODC were given the opportunity to bid for complete sets in October and November before disposal. The remainder has been sent to auction with Bellmans of Winchester and details will be given on their website

Legacy Pack

Included with the Primrose & Blue print edition is a pamphlet providing those members and family so-minded of the most efficient way of leaving money to the Association. This is not a fundraising exercise, this is the result of having unexpectedly received substantial, generous donations over the last 4 years and prior knowledge of any donations would help the Trustees manage the Association’s budget for the future.

Annual Dinner – 21st April 2017

The numbers have been strong recently, and we hope that this trend will continue. Ypres Platoon ’83-84 has already taken a table……will 11 TIS, RC134 or RC138 be able to match it?

Your proforma should be included with the print magazine. If not, please send an email to or telephone 07989 97 77 43. Closing date is 14th April 2017.

Army vs Navy – 29th April 2017

The Association has paid for 35 tickets and wristbands for entry to the St George’s Bar under the East Stand for the 2017 match which will take place on 29th April2017 (the week after the Annual Dinner). If you would like to bid for tickets, please request a proforma from me:

The Association is grateful for the efforts of WO1 Steve Roden who ensured that the process ran so smoothly in 2016 that it was decided to repeat the experience. Thanks must also go to AGC Rugby for their continued support.

Apprentice Reunion – 1st September 2017

Alan Fairclough and Joe Butler have been working away in the background. The next reunion of ex-Apprentices and staff will take place on the first of September at the Union Jack Club.

It is hoped that the vast majority of those who qualify have been recorded on a spreadsheet created by Steve Sharpe. If you qualify, you should have received a proforma with

The printed magazine inviting you to the evening for a contribution of £12.50. If you have not received one, please me know

Battlefield Tour 2017 – Verdun & Chemin des Dames (12-15 Oct 2017)

Following the success of the tours that have taken place over the last 3 years, the Association proposes to run another tour in 2017. This, of course, is dependent on interest and is only likely to go ahead if at least 20 passengers come forward. The final price will be subsidised by the Association for Members and partners. Those interested should fill in the proforma that has been circulated with the printed magazine and return it with a deposit of £100 per person.

A Message from the Welfare Committee

It is the intention of the Council to keep members informed of the work done by the Trustees and volunteers who serve on the different committees.

If you attend a Branch Function or a centrally organised event, you can usually find a Trustee (whose names are listed on the inside of the front cover of the printed magazine) to speak to if you would like to raise anything regarding the management of the Association. Needless to say, if you believe you might be a suitable candidate for a Trustee please do send me an email

The Welfare Committee is charged with considering applications for financial assistance from Association members and their families. Cases are based on their own merit and emanate from a variety of causes such as, debilitating medical condition, incapacitation through injury, financial hardship, etc; the list is endless.

The Committee meets at irregular intervals as the number of applications dictate; occasionally, we consider cases out of committee if the circumstances call for it e.g. if there is an urgent need for assistance where delay would cause the applicant unnecessary distress, worry or even harm.In general, applications come into the Association following a visit to the applicant by either SSAFA or the Royal British Legion, both of whom provide the Committee with a comprehensive report along with supporting documentationsuch as, medical reports, occupational therapist reports etc, where available and relevant.

Over the last few years, the Association has helped applicants obtain mobility scooters, white goods, furniture, computers to help with a child’s education, home repairs/adaptation to name, travel costs to help family members visit hospitalised loved ones etc, to name but a few. We have also provided some with food vouchers in addition to their main requirement where there is a clear need and we can help with the cost of a family holiday.

The provision of benevolence is one of the main tenets of the Association and one that the Trustees take seriously so please remember, the Association is here for you. The only qualification for you and your family is that you must have worn the RAPC cap badge whilst serving. Finally, do not hold back from applying in the mistaken belief there is someone more deserving. No individual of genuine need is ever turned away.